Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Leaning Tower of CursingMama!

OH MY GOODNESS has it been busy at the Widget Factory this week. I'm not sure what has caused this wide reaching string of busyness but I was totally unprepared for it.

Completely & totally blind sided.

In moments when I have had time to possibly show you what I am hopefully (oh please let the lull last) about to show you I have had people in close proximity and between you and me I was so not in the mood to try and explain why I had pictures such as these up on my computer screen. I'm sure you understand.

So - Rock Stacking 101 - Step by Steb

1.) Order new camera
2.) Receive new camera from nice UPS man
3.) Go buy XD card because they never come with that
4.) Charge battery - duh

5.) Turn to page 9 in your text books...

6.) Try to explain to your husband why you are about to mess with his pile of rocks which he has now magically deemed a "sculpture"

Mr.Motorcycles Rock Sculpture

"It's for the blog" is apparently not sufficient explanation to mess with someones sculpture.

7.) After photographing the sculpture so that you may return it to its previous state begin building. Note that you are not allowed to use glue.

8.) Start off basic and try to not draw too much attention to yourself.

This is harder than it looks and
this tower could go at any moment

9.) Be bold! Be Brave! Go to new heights!!!

Kinda looks like a person don't you think?

10.) Take it even higher!

Nobody MOVE!!!
Yes, I realize its not that much higher - but it is higher!

11.) Attempt to recreate the "sculpture" now that you've messed with every single one of these rolly polly rocks

12.) Receive a look that tells you that your sculpting abilities are sub-par and be banished from ever playing with rocks again.

Oh well..... there are plenty of other activities to keep me busy anyway.

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