Thursday, January 15, 2009

Book Reviews Deciphered

Not terrribly long ago I found myself with a large stack of books to review; finding a way to condense 20 plus books into just four short days of posts was a challenge. Initially I thought it would be easy to tackle; just pick 5 and talk about them or - since some of the books I'd read were part of a series I could group them that way....but what to do with those that didn't fit into a group.

I was perplexed. Possibly as perplexed as the heroins (and a few hot hero's) trying to figure out who done it. It appears that every single book I read featured some kind of nefarious activity surrounding MURDER - if there wasn't a murder - there certainly was an attempted murder.

For someone who never used to read anything resembling a murder - I have apparently stepped way out of my box. Sure, a lot of what I read is still Chick Lit - but now there is blood, guts, and occasionally the heroin bumps into (euphemism alert) a hot hero. In some of the books they are bumping into each other a lot and every detail is there for your eyes (and if you aren't careful your 13 year old daughters eyes too).

All of this thinking led me to wonder.... should I have a personalized book rating system? Because really, what would a book review be without some kind of fancy review system?

I choose Hearts & Stars for my codes; hearts for the heat level and Stars for how much I liked it.

1 Heart - I am comfortable with my daughter reading the scenes about bumping into
2 Hearts - Maybe when she is in high school - or college, yeah, college!
3 Hearts - Oh MY! That child seriously needs to be married with children before I'm letting her read this.
3 Hearts plus a drop of blood - No way she is ever getting her hands on this - I'd rather take a mother/daughter field trip to Sex World before I'd give her this book...

1 Star - I finished it
2 Stars - I'll give this author another read
3 Stars - I liked it - what else can I read by this author?
4 Starts - WOWZA! Excuse me while I run to the library to get more of this authors books!

Nothing is scientific here of course - and you may give your teenage daughter stuff I wouldn't give mine.