Friday, May 29, 2009

I Double Dog Dare You!

When I was a kid I did all sorts of things that I can not for the life of me remember how to do. There were those hand clapping games with rhymes (Say-Say Oh Playmate is the only one I remember but there were quite a few), there were jump roping games, we made cootie catchers and folded notes to each other in super secret ways. All of these childhood memories are happy ones, but they also all lack details. Details like how to play different games and who it was that taught them to me. When I happened upon the Pocket Daring Book for Girls Things To Do at my local bookseller last summer I was immediately entranced and knew we had to have it in our house. It held the secrets to many of the games I played as a child.

That book has gotten quite a work out over the last year, and although it isn't nearly exhausted I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get my hands on the newest addition to the Daring series..

Title: The Double-Daring Book for Girls
Authors: Andrea J. Buchanan, Miriam Peskowitz
Publisher: William Morrow (Harper Collins)
Genre: Non-fiction YA
Pages: 288
On Sale: March 24, 2009
Authors Website
*A great place to peek at the book & get a few free ideas to give you a good feeling for what this book holds!



The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling phenomenon The Daring Book for Girls is an even more daring guide to everything from making a raft to learning how to play football to the art of the Japanese Tea ceremony. This second volume, with all new original material, promises to be even more of a daring adventure than the first. Girls will learn how to surf, get horseback riding tips, make a labyrinth, find out about April Fool’s Day history and pranks, how to organize a croquet tournament, find out about cowgirls, the Nobel Prize, being a detective and much more! Just as packed with creative and exciting material as the original, but twice as fun, this book will be beloved by all Daring fans everywhere!

My Review:
I had a rather difficult time trying to review this book, not because the book is anything but wonderful and amazing. No, I had to wrestle The Double Daring Book for Girls away from my daughter, ThePrincess. ThePrincess is a big fan of this book and has discussed at great length which activities she is going to attempt this summer and which ones she is going to use when baby sitting to keep the kids occupied & out of trouble.

If you are going to be stuck at home with children this summer I highly suggest you run out & get a copy of this book to use as your guide to summer fun - very few activities require any money or special gear - and there is such a wide variety you could fill every day this summer. Even those rainy ones.

I'm not sure how many ways I can say that this is an amazing book for girls anyone that knows a girl, boys and anyone that knows a boy - okay, ANYONE. From the moment The Double Daring Book for Girls arrived in our house it has been the thing to read. From Star Gazing to Quiling and how to play Cricket (and Lacrosse!) there are a lot of activities packed into this book. One activity that caught my eye is rock stacking.

You see we are a family of rock collectors - we have vases filled with agate's, we have large crystals and we have fossils. We also have some lovely granite specimens taken from the shores of Lake Superior, rounded smooth by the crashing waves of the lake I love so very much. (as an aside, when I am totally stressed out and can not handle things I will take one of these pieces of granite and hold it. If I happen to be away from home and the stress hits, I have a small polished agate to remind me that life is not all about the material things)

So - Rock Stacking. I have spent a little time studying our rounded rocks & with the help of
The Double Daring Book for Girls I think I may have a handle on the craft. (not unlike my masterful knitting skills!) This weekend I'm going to stack those granite beauties from Lake Superior - and with my new purse cam I'll show you the results on Monday.

Bet you can't stack better than me....double dog dare you.....

Disclosure: In exchange for reading and reviewing this book I received a copy of The Double-Daring Book for Girls, which is no longer in my possession because some crazy 13 year old is off doing every activity she can.


KinnicChick said...

Was expecting a photo. Of your rock stacking skilz. *sigh*

Missy said...

Sounds like a fun book! Thanks for sharing. :)

Chris said...

I'll be picking this (and the previous) book up in the next year or two. :)

Anonymous said...

Wanted to stop in and let you know that your blog was mentioned as A Book Blogger’s New Discovery by Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos.