Thursday, April 12, 2012

SEAL Of My Dreams

Title: SEAL of my Dreams
Stephanie Bond, Elle Kennedy, Helen Brenna, Kylie Brant, Roxanne St. Clair, Cindy Gerad, Tara Janzen, Alison Kent, HelenKay Dimon, Jami Alden, Leslie Kelly, Jo Leigh, Marliss Melton, Gennita Low, Christie Ridgway, Barbara Samuel, Stephanie Tyler, Loreth Anne White
Publisher: Belle Bridge Books
Genre: Romance Anthology
Pages: 380 paperback (I read digital)
On Sale: November 11, 2011

Honor, duty, courage, passion . . . the men of the Navy SEALs are a special breed of hero, and in these novellas by eighteen top romance authors the SEALs are celebrated not only as symbols of devoted service to their country but as the kind of men every woman wants to love. They’ll rescue a damsel in distress and her lap dog, too. They’ll battle hometown dramas and international bad guys. When it comes to giving away their hearts, they’ll risk everything.

All proceeds from sales of SEAL of My Dreams go to the Veterans Research Corporation, a non-profit fundraiser for veterans’ medical research.

My Take:

I mentioned my favorite thing about anthologies earlier this week, finding new authors while reading stories by other authors I already enjoy; that's not all SEAL of my Dreams offers.  With 18 short stories to keep you warm (sometimes downright HOT) I will say I wasn't disappointed by a single one.  Sure I suffered the typical "Thats It?!?" moments that come with short stories (really who doesn't want more) but not a single time did I skip to the next story.  Many miles of elliptical were happily passed and I have SEAL of my Dreams to thank.

*Aside:  This book cuts a little close to home for me because I know, knew a real life SEAL.  He served this country for all of his adult life (in and out of service) and when he left this earth not so long ago I was reminded by those he served with how hard they work, how hard they play, how much danger they are put in all of the time....what it is they do and what they sacrifice for this country and the world. 

I received this book in digital format from Belle Bridge Books (via NetGalley) for reading and reviewing

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Chris said...

It's not often that you read an anthology without any disappointments!