Friday, February 19, 2010

Pick A Winner Already!

I totally forgot to post this entry.
You know the one....where I went home
fired up the Random Number Generator
got a winner
emailed the winner
told you all about it

I did all of those steps except emailing and then telling. Remember, The BUSY. So, here I am today to tell you that I ran the little number generator (Chris commented first, but chose not to enter, so that made Kailyn eligible contestant #1) with the 14 entrants and got this:

(yes, I even remembered to validate my results with an actual screen shot)

Then I totally dropped the ball, didn't check to see who was #4, didn't email #4 and didn't do anything else.

Until now. Please, do not sue me.

Congratulations to my Knit/Photo/Blogger/Soon to be AWESOME MIL/Friend

Who graciously shared the following for her chance to win a copy of The Field Guide to Burying Your Parents
I broke one of my mother's favorite, gorgeous, expensive, and very slippery-when-wet cut glass bowls -- dropped it in the sink, practically under her nose, cleaning up after a party. She got over it and probably even forgot, but I still remember.

I decided today, on a whim, that I would like to thank everyone who played along and ponied up their less than graceful geekiness. Sadly, I have no extra prizes laying around or a prize fund (ahh to be P-dub with her traffic & thus awesome giveaways) so this is what the players get:

A mention:

Chris from Stumbling over Chaos

Kailyn from Kaylin's Creations

Hillary from Knitting for Shirley

Keri from KinnicChick

Knitorious Vicki

Nino at cease cows, life is short!

Julie from Random Thoughts (Sewknitful)

SherryPG from If it's not one thing, it's your mother

Heidi from Mom of Many Male Youngsters

Jason from SlavetoPassion

Now Blogless Jeanne

Kym from Stepping Away from the Edge

Ruth AT 5elementknitr


Katherine from Kmkat and her kneedles

AND (this is the best bit) this totally awesome badgey thing I made with not graphic design software to display if they feel like it. (just you know, save to your own server etc...) (No restrictions apply, yada yada yada)

The Original post, my review of The Field Guide to Burying Your Parents, and the comments spelling out the brokeness can be found HERE

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Chris said...

LOL about the button! But, since I didn't try... ;)

Congrats, Vicki!