Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maybe we can even call me a Conquerer!

I haven't talked much about my latest slip from the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. As I'm sure you were tired of hearing about, I attempted to participate in the 30 day Shred Challenge in hopes of fitting into my shorts by Memorial Day.

I persevered (sorta) through the full 30 days of Jillians torture, worked hard to keep my food intake in check and was rewarded with a whopping weight loss of 2 pounds.

Needless to say my shorts still don't fit and Memorial Day is coming on pretty hard and fast. (although according to the weather man there is no need to worry about wearing shorts it will be cold & rainy)

Despite the less than fantastic results I continue to be proud of myself for sticking with it and even searching for a different workout once I had completed my 30 days of Jillian torture. I've toyed with some different yoga, pilates and blended workouts since my final Shred, but have had a hard time making myself stick to any program. And, if I'm honest it's been a few weeks (like 2) since I did anything remotely resembling exercise.

Unless you count shoe shopping.

When FSB Marketing offered me the opportunity to read and review Conquer the Fat-Loss Code it was, as they say, a no-brainer. I have some fat that totally needs to be conquered.

Title: Conquer the Fat-Loss Code
Author: Wendy Chant
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Genre: Diet & Nutrition Non-Fiction
Pages: 304
On Sale: April 20, 2009
Authors Website: JoinForeverFit

Not Available On IndieBound

Conquer the Fat-Loss Code takes the bestselling Crack the Fat-Loss Code to the next level -- for even faster, easier, longer-lasting results. Nutrition expert Wendy Chant builds upon her scientifically designed program of "macro-patterning," a simple routine of alternating carb-up, carb-down, and baseline days to outsmart your body, increase your metabolism, and burn away fat. Once you "conquer the code," you can conquer your dieting problems for life.

Featuring all-new meal plans, easy recipes, and startling information about the timing of your exercise, Conquer the Fat-Loss Code offers a complete, personalized eight-week success planner so you can:

* MONITOR YOUR EATING with easy-to-follow guidelines

* RECORD YOUR PROGRESS with fill-in success trackers

* SPEED UP YOUR RESULTS with proven metabolic boosters

* GET AND STAY FIT FOREVER while exercising less

Whether you've already "cracked the code" and want to lose even more weight or you're brand-new to this revolutionary program, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can maximize your fat loss with minimal exercise -- even indulge yourself on "cheat days." With Conquer the Fat-Loss Code, it's not hard to lose weight and still eat the foods you love. It's science.

My Review:
I may not have a degree in anything nutrition or biology related, but my years of trying to figure out how my own body works has led me to read more fitness and diet books & articles than I should probably admit. So, as a nearly life long diet breaker I want to assure you that I go into every fitness and diet book I read with a good deal of skepticism; I know that there is no healthy way to magically* take big numbers of weight off unless you are morbidly obese. I know about carbs and proteins and different types of exercise and that without being smart about diet and exercise choices I won't be healthy.

So, in reading Conquer the Fat-Loss Code I went in looking for knowledge not magic, and I was pleasantly pleased to learn quite a bit. Conquer the Fat-Loss Code is a quick and enjoyable read where health & fitness books are concerned. Laid out in an easy to read and understand manner the book is presented in four sections:

Conquering The Code -the guts of the code, how bodies respond to exercise, diet and how we can outsmart nature to get better results.

Your Success Planner - a day by day planner to follow the plan, with space to record your progress and your findings.

Tips, Tactics, and Tools For Success - a helpful section detailing how to deal with special life circumstances when Conquering the Code along with other tips & tricks

Wendy's MMM Good Recipes - Many healthy recipes presented to help you follow the plan.

History tells me that this isn't a diet or lifestyle that I will be able to stick to strictly but what I've learned will instead be incorporated into my daily life - and I've started today. And, although I won't be using the Success Planner myself I can guarantee that I will be following along to a certain degree, even the part that will let Jillian back into my life again.

I'll try not to whine to loudly.

Later today I'll post an article written by Wendy to help you kick start your summer too!

Disclosure: In exchange for reading and reviewing this book I received a copy of Conquer the Fat-Loss Code.

* I should mention that I've already done all of the "magic" things like banishing sugar laden drinks - if you haven't done that yourself give it a shot and try to do it without substituting drinks that have sugar substitutes in them - it's a pretty amazing transformation.

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Kathy Howe said...

I couldn't diet if my life depended on it. I would go postal if I couldn't eat what I wanted when I wanted and in the quantities I want.

So for me it is allllll about burning calories and lots of them every single day. My half marathon training was HARD, a major commitment to say the least with workouts 6-7 days a week anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

But it worked. As hard as it was, as big of a commitment as it was it totally reshaped my body.

That said, the half marathon is done and my routine is MUCH more lax now. I still work out 6-7 days a week but 2 hour workouts can kiss my kazoofus.